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·Compact and light weight

·High sensitivity and sound pressure level

·High reliability

·Excellent temperature and humidity durability

·Low power consumption   Low cost


·Distance meter

·Automatic doors

·Range finders

·Burglar alarms

·Remote control devices



Part number: NU40C16T/R-1

Construction: Open structure type

Using method: Transmitter/ Receiver

Center frequency: 40.0±1.0KHz

Sound pressure level: 114dB min.

Sensitivity: -68dB min.

Capacitance: 2500Pf±20%

Ringing: ---

Maximum input voltage: 80Vp-p

Directivity deg: 60°±15° (-6dB)

Typical sensing range: 0.2~15m


Operating temperature: -20°C~+70°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C~+85°C

Housing Material: Aluminum


·Sensors are precision instrument, please don't scratch the surface.

·Ultrasonic sensors have potential direction; please pay attention to the installation location.

·This sensor is designed for use in air. Do not use this sensor in fluid.

·To prevent sensor malfunctions, operational failure or any deterioration of its characteristics, do not use this sensor in the following, or similar conditions.

A. In strong shock or vibration.

B. In high temperature and humidity for a long time.

C. In corrosive gases or sea breeze.

D. In an atmosphere of organic solvents.

E. In a vacuum zone or hazardous areas.

F. In dirty and dusty environments that may contaminate the sensor front.

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